Saturday, December 7, 2013

A very short one

       It's been months since my last post and I admit that time really flew extremely fast as now it's reaching the end of the year already. Good year? Well, it's kinda debatable. I've been getting all these new feelings, and done quite a shitty job at managing them, things broken and thrown away. Some people left and new people came by. For those who left without goodbye, I sincerely wish them well and never to come back again. Everybody's changing and there's no stopping to what they'd become. Some breaks your heart, and some just throw it away. All the same, it's been a challenging year, boring as usual, but I hope I've learnt lots of things.  

p/s: Why bother to get something when you'll throw it away in the end?

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

New Year's Resolutions

So here's few important guidelines to set your new year's resolutions, if you haven't have any.

1) Measure up
2) Move more
3) Eat well
4) Read more
5) Work harder
6) Enjoy life

I've got mine, alright. But not quite done. ^^

It may have been not a big deal for some, but hey, it doesn't hurt to revise your life once per year. And don't get religious over this matter too, because as I've said before it's not a big deal.

That's all..

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

First random post in 2013^-^

So it's a new year already.Time really flies and I'm aging beautifully(??).Just kidding.LOL

Sometimes I think it's really hard to be a girl.I always have trouble with my girlfriends.No matter when and where,they're the ones who filling my head with all these sorts of troubling things.Girls always have friends problems.There will always be issues, unspoken hard feelings, and of course, the infamous gossipping.I often assume that people have their own principles and I totally respect their stands, but they're just too much sometimes.Getting on my nerves is one thing, being ignorant about it is what makes me snapped.I like the people around me, really I do, it's just that I wish they can be less annoying.I also know that I'm not that easy to be around with, but I really tried to be as pleasant, and sadly less myself, as I could.Writing this down is not easy, and it's upsetting to see all of these in words, because it makes them look real and bad.I'm not a really good person, I know.But, it's much better than people who think they're good persons, because they see no room for improvement in themselves.I know making all these assumptions are bad,hey,this post has been bad enough till this point, please forgive me though.I just want to nag at someone at this moment.

That's some awkward topic.But yeah, wth.I just wanted to get that out of my system without really shoving it into anyone's face.

It's a new year,so let's start fresh.No ill feelings, no rotten talkings behind people's backs.Starts all anew.Leave all those trashy feelings behind.

And Hernandez just scored against Wigan.He's been excellent last year and I guess he'll do much better this year.

I'm so random.^^

That's all..Happy 2013!!

Sunday, November 25, 2012

Harimau Malaya

     So Malaysia lost to Singapore today. But I totally not expecting 3-0. Those boys have to work harder next time. Or should we say the goalkeeper should pull out his head from the honeymoon cloud he's in. Come on, that was just ridiculous. The ball just flew right past him. Urghh. Needless to say, the third goal was absolutely unnecessary. But well, they should step their play up a few notches if they want to win this thing. At least if they want to advance further in the game. And Rajagobal should not be making promises that his minions couldn't actually keep. Sorry,just bitching. Anyway, go Malaysia!!
And since when did they change HarimauMalaya to HarimauMalaysia? As of now, they're just lil' cuddly tigers, who forget how to use their claws.

They should be more like this.

That's all...

It's Just An Obsession

     I'm on a short break. I don't want to talk about exams. They're kind of revolting as of now. They turn me off. Just stop thinking, for God's sake!!

     Okay,that was soo unnecessary.Please forgive my outburst.

Good news!! My weight has been constant for these past few weeks. No crazy readings so far.
Bad news!! It's 2 kg heavier than I used to be.

     Yes, I know skinny or fat is very subjective. And please don't ask people around you whether you're fat or not. They're just saying what they think you want to hear the most. "What are you talking about?You're as thin as a toothpick!". I never bought that kind of replies. I don't blame them though. It's either they don't really care about you, or they're just being nice friends. I hope for the latter. And yeah, you're saying "Do I look fat?", "Oh my God, I'm getting fatter!", "Look at all these fats, they keep sticking to my body like magnets!", are actually pain in the arse. Your friends may be sick of your incessant whinings and some may actually feel offended. No offense intended here. This thing applies to me in full package. I am whiny and has constant obsession about my weight. In my defense, I didn't actually whine that I'm fat, I just said that I look fat, or I'm getting fatter. Those held very different meanings okay. But all the same I admit that I am actually kind of a pain in the arse. Poor my friends??0_o More like poor me. 

     Losing weight is nice actually. Your body feels lighter and no more carrying around extra baggage here and there. My personal record of losing weight is 5 kg in a week. I was exercising like mad man before bed, after classes, not in the morning though *because I quite always have just enough time to get ready for classes. It paid off splendidly. By the end of the week, I was 5 kg lighter, back to my previous weight. Oh yeah, I forgot to mention that I only tried to lose those 5 kg because I gained 5 kg the months before. All because of that stupid cereals. 

     However, losing too much weight in a short period of time is actually not good. Well, some say that you'll gain just as much soon, and some say that there might be something wrong with your body. You might have diabetes, or cancer, or hyperthyroidism. Just saying. I never actually thought of these losing weight issues in this perspective, but I met a doctor recently who enlightened me about these whole deathly illnesses thingy. I'm sure she just want to scare away weight-loser maniac like myself. 

     This update wasn't supposed to be about my weight. But it did anyway. So boring. I probably should get another life*that was the most inappropriate thought for today. I really should slap myself.

It's fun being a woman. We have so much superfluous worries^^

That's all...

Sunday, August 26, 2012

It's A Date!!

So yesterday I had another 'date' with my I was accompanying him to enjoy his last day of holiday.He was fussing about having to start school on Monday,thus I asked him to go out for some shopping and movie..Well,we did watch a movie.The Expendables 2! The funny thing before we bought the tickets was that the movie is actually rated -18,and my brother has a year left to reach that age>_< He doesn't look underage though,but still he was freaking out a bit when we were about to buy the tickets. So funny. Lol..But everything went smoothly at the counter,the guy didn't even bother to check our i.ds.Of course,we look mature enough to even be mistaken as a couple.Hilarious:)) Haha:))))
The movie was great.I love the line-ups and the story's dynamic.It's easy and very light.No mushy love scenes or anything like that.Though at one part I suddenly felt like I'm watching The Avengers all over again.Huuu.So many heroic figures in one story.I love it!! We have 'Rambo','Terminator',the Die Hard dude 'John McClane'.:) Okay,okay,so it wasn't those characters who appeared in this movie,just the guys who acted them.But,yeah.It was a rather cool movie,not the coolest ever I mind youXD And if you want to understand the characters more,you have to watch the first movie of course.Jet Li appeared so little in this second one,and Arnie,I tell you,he was making the audiences to crack up with his punch line.You know,the whole terminator thingy.He appeared in the beginning of the movie and emerged as a hero at the end of it. *random Bruce:Consider it as a gift. Sylvester:That thing should belong in a museum. Arnie:We all are. Big LOL for that.:))) That's all..

Saturday, August 18, 2012

Majestic Ramadhan

Ramadhan is almost over.Time has flown so fast that I'm almost afraid to face tomorrow.Have I done as much 'Ibadah as I can in this majestic month of Ramadhan? Truthfully, I really can't say 'yes' to that question.There's so much things that I could have done but I let the time passed by.I'm not regretting but I just wish that I will be a much better person in the future.Hopefully,there will be another Ramadhan.Amin..
Just to reminisce our Ramadhan this year; I love this song,Hikmah Ramadhan,performed by Rabbani.

Selamat Hari Raya everyone:)
Maaf zahir batin..

That's all...

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